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Senior Research Scientist at FM Global, MA, USA


TITLE: Senior Research Scientist

DEPARTMENT/LOCATION: FM Global, Norwood, Massachusetts

DATE: October 17, 2016


The purpose of this position is to develop new scientific knowledge, engineering technologies, and

engineering solutions to problems in fire protection, which can be used and applied by FM Global for

mitigating industrial property loss. The primary responsibility of the position in FM Global is to plan,

conduct, and communicate results of research projects in support of the critical business needs of FM Global.

The principal responsibilities are to carry out internally-funded research projects in the areas of fluid

dynamics, flammability of materials, combustion, flame spread, fire suppression / extinguishment, heat and

smoke generation, and heat transfer from fires. Key areas of research include understanding of fire growth

and suppression behavior at laboratory and large scales, and developing cost-effective fire protection

solutions. The experimental, theoretical and numerical studies will be closely integrated with large-scale fire

testing and suppression research within the working group and with collaborative fire model development

and validation. Additional components consist of performing focused studies and conveying their results in

a form suitable for use by FM Global engineers. Long-range studies of fundamental nature will be balanced

with applied research focused on critical business needs.

The position is responsible for all aspects of project management including project proposal, execution,

budget and documentation. In addition, the position is responsible for communicating and transferring

research results for practical use within FM Global and, as appropriate, to outside organizations including

the scientific/engineering communities and standard organizations. The position also acts as a consultant to

FM Global business units as well as to insured clients


The position requires a Ph.D. in Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace Engineering, or related fields with a strong

fundamental background in combustion, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and applied mathematics. Extensive

experience in experimental methods in thermal fluids, combustion/fire, and an understanding of associated

numerical methods are required. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as demonstrated

expertise in developing solutions to challenging technical problems, and a fundamental understanding of the

physics relevant to fire phenomena are required. Title and salary are commensurate with qualifications and


Contact: Dr. Yibing Xin

Fire and Explosion Protection Group

Fire Hazards and Protection Research

FM Global

1151 Boston-Providence Turnpike, Norwood, MA 02062

Email: yibing.xin@fmglobal.com

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