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Fire ReSearch Engine

The Fire ReSearch engine was developed to consolidate and search many relevant fire science publication databases. It is a simple search engine that can be used to find fire research and other related material online.

Educational Resources

The IAFSS works to share educational materials with its membership around the world. Currently, resources on Enclosure Fire Dynamics provided by Dr. Björn Karlsson and links to surveys on education are available. More resources will be available over time.

Digital Archive

The IAFSS Digital Archive hosts proceedings from the IAFSS and AOFST symposia as well as Fire Research Notes, available online for free. 

Journal Access

Access to the Fire Safety Journal (official IAFSS publication) and Fire Technology are provided free of charge to current members. You must register as a member and use your account to access the site. Access Fire Technology Here or Fire Safety Journal Here.

Fire Safety Science News

The official newsletter of the IAFSS shares news from around the world with our membership several times per year.