2nd European Symposium of Fire Safety Science

With great pleasure, on behalf of the Program and the Local Organizing Committees I announce to you the forthcoming 2nd European Symposium on Fire Safety Science that will take place in the Cultural Centre of European University Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus between the 16th and 18th of June 2015.

The 2nd European Symposium on Fire Safety Science aims to bring together young and experienced researchers from Europe and beyond in 5 interesting topics.  The Symposium will be revolved around 5 themes, with the following keynote lectures:

–              Fire Hazards with New Energy Carriers – Guy Marlair (INERIS)

–              Fire Suppression in Large Facilities – Bert Yu (FM Global)

–              Probabilistic Structural Fire Engineering – Luke Bisby (The University of Edinburgh)

–              Forest Fire Research – Domingos Viegas (Coimbra)

–              Fire Research for the Fire Service – Stefan Svensson (Lund University)

Five half-day sessions will be organized, one in each of the above mentioned themes. Each session starts with a keynote lecture, followed by a poster session and finalized with a workshop with summarizing discussions.

For more questions contact the organizers at: [email protected] and visit their website: http://2ndesfss.com/