Research Committee

The Research Committee aims to help to shape research directions for the underpinning science of fire safety through identifying knowledge gaps based on the international state of the art, the SC members’ knowledge and experience, input from the broader community. It helps to promote best practice in conducting research in fire safety science and engineering. In addition, it assesses the areas which the IAFSS community might focus on to address emerging technologies and threats and the associated impacts on the fire safety landscape. The Research Committee disseminates findings to the IAFSS community, funding bodies and other stakeholders, and supports the work of the IAFSS Symposium Sub-committee.


  • Jennifer Wen (University of Warwick, UK), Co-Chair 
  • John Hewson (Sandia National Laboratory, USA), Co-Chair


  • Ed Galea (University of Greenwich, UK)
  • Thomas Gernay (John Hopkins University, USA)
  • David Lange (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Naian Liu (University of Science and Technology, China)
  • Sara McAllister (USDA Forest Service, USA)
  • Yuji Nakamura (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  • Enrico Ronchi (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Stanislav I. Stoliarov (University of Maryland, USA)
  • Yi Wang (USA)
  • Wojciech Węgrzyński (Building Research Institute, Poland)

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