Governance Documents

The IAFSS is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organization, #1202005, in England and Wales. It is subject to the requirements of the UK Charity Commission and is governed by the IAFSS Rules of the Association and a number of policies that have been enacted by the Trustees.

Official Documents and Positions

Constitution of IAFSS (20 February 2023)

Rules of IAFSS (12 October 2023)

IAFSS Terms of Reference (12 October 2023)

Guidelines for Sponsorship of Conferences (8 September 2015)

IAFSS Social Media Guidelines (1 September 2017)

IAFSS Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

IAFSS Financial Policy (30 June 2022)

IAFSS Member Code of Conduct (30 June 2022)

IAFSS Trustee Code of Conduct (30 June 2022)

IAFSS Safeguarding and Protecting People Policy (30 June 2022)

IAFSS Conflict of Interest Form (30 June 2022)

IAFSS Feedback and Complaints Procedure (23 April 2022)

IAFSS Privacy Policy (30 August 2022)