Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee

The role of the DEI Committee is to support the IAFSS goal of being a diverse and inclusive professional society with equitable treatment of all its members and all other entities with which the IAFSS interacts during any of its activities regardless of ethnicity, race, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, social class, abilities, religious values, political viewpoints, national origin.

  • Nieves Fernandez Anez, Norway, Vice Chair
  • Sarah McAllister, USA, Co-Chair
  • Miho Seike, Japan, Co-Chair
  • Jason Floyd, USA
  • Ruggiero Lovreglio, New Zealand
  • Eirini Marinaki, UK
  • Frida Vermina Plathner , Sweden
  • Mohamed Tawfik, Canada
  • Yuxin Zhang, Hong Kong

Any questions or concerns should be sent to the DEI Co-Chairs at [email protected]. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.

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