New Guidelines for IAFSS Conference Sponsorship

The executive committee of the IAFSS has developed a new set of  guidelines for sponsorship of conferences based on many recent inquiries. These guidelines are intended to provide an indication of the level of support the IAFSS may be prepared to offer appropriate conferences in fire safety science.  The following three types of conferences are included in the guideline are:

1. Conferences organized by our sister organization AOSFST or conferences at regional level

2. Other conferences – Level 1

3. Other conferences – Level 2

Where “Other conferences – Level 1” include conferences where, among other things, peer-reviewed full papers are presented and “Other conferences – Level 2” include conferences that do not fullfil the Level 1 requirements but that still have a high scientific level and is not solely commercial. For a complete description of the different levels, please download the guideline. It must be noted that compliance with the guidelines does not necessarily mean that support will be granted. The final decision as to which conferences will be supported and the level of support that will be provided will be made by the IAFSS management committee.

Remember, regardless of sponsorship the IAFSS posts all relevant conferences to its upcoming events list. If you have a conference you think would be of interest to the IAFSS for the events list, please contact the webmaster. For inquiries regarding sponsorship, please contact the IAFSS Chairman.