12th IAFSS Invited Speakers Announced

The 12th IAFSS symposium will feature 5 invited speakers throughout the conference program, plus the Emmons invited plenary lectureship by Prof. Carlos Fernandez-Pello. The invited speakers will be:

Luke Bisby (University of Edinburgh, UK) “Structural Response of Cross-Laminated Timber Compression Elements Exposed to Fire”

Karen Boyce (University of Ulster, UK) “Safe Evacuation for All – Fact or Fantasy? Past Experiences, Current Understanding and Future Challenges”

Ritsu Dobashi (University of Tokyo, Japan) “Studies on accidental gas and dust explosions”

Longhua Hu (University of Science and Technology of China) “A review of pool fire behaviors in wind and challenges”

Birgit Östman (SP, Sweden) “Fire safety engineering in timber buildings”