The Howard W. Emmons Invited Plenary Lectureship

Award, Eligibility and its Privileges

The Howard W. Emmons Invited Plenary Lectureship is a prestigious recognition of life-long contributions to and career achievements in fire science and engineering. The Emmons Lectureship is presented for distinguished lifetime achievement in Fire Safety Science; it is not a best paper award. The award consists of an invitation to prepare a paper to be included in the Symposium proceedings and an associated plenary lecture at the Symposium. Symposium registration fees are waived and a stipend provides travel support.

Nomination Process

Nominations are sought from IAFSS members. The justification should not exceed two pages in length and should describe the nominee’s accomplishments and their significance. Self-nominations are not accepted. A nominee may or may not be a member of IAFSS, while the proposer must be a member. Nominations are confidential and should not be disclosed to a nominee.

Selection Considerations

The ideal lecturer will emulate the outstanding research qualities and contributions to fire science of the person in whose honor the award is named. In particular, the committee will seek those of high repute who have combined technical excellence with practical and humanitarian application in the selection and execution of their research topics. A prime criterion is that the recipient’s contributions be widely recognized for their innovation and significance. No restriction is made regarding the area of expertise within fire research.

Selection Body

The recipient of the Award will be selected by the Symposium Awards Committee. The Committee selects a lecturer and informs them about a year prior to the symposium that he or she is to present the plenary lecture. A written version of the lecture will be provided in a timely fashion for inclusion in the proceedings.

Past Recipients

The award was established at The Howard Emmons Fire Research Conference, “Fire Science for Fire Safety,” in 1983. To date, there have been 14 recipients, representing a distinguished group of scientists and engineers:

  • 1984 J.L. de Ris
  • 1985 E.E. Zukowski
  • 1986 J.G. Quintiere
  • 1988 K. Kawagoe (Medal associated with IAFSS for the first time)
  • 1991 P.H. Thomas
  • 1994 O. Pettersson
  • 1997 T. Jin
  • 1999 Y. Hasemi
  • 2002 P.J. Pagni
  • 2005 H.R. Baum
  • 2008 V. Babrauskas
  • 2011 T. Tanaka
  • 2014 Michael Delichatsios
  • 2017 Carlos Fernandez-Pello
  • 2021 Bogdan Dlugogorski
  • 2023 David Purser