MaCFP Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena

Call for Participation (General)


The MaCFP Working Group is inviting the entire fire research community to participate in the planning of the third workshop (MaCFP-3). The third MaCFP workshop will be held in October 2023 as a pre-event to the 14th IAFSS Symposium in Tsukuba, Japan. Suggestions on the selection of new target experiments for MaCFP-3 and/or suggestions on possible extensions of the domain of activities of MaCFP are welcome anytime.

In addition to the established Gas Phase Phenomena and Condensed Phase Phenomena subgroups, a first in-person meeting is planned for the new Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena subgroup.



The MaCFP Working Group and workshop series were created in 2015 and the call for participation in the first workshop was issued in April 2016. Continuously updated information on the MaCFP Working Group effort can be found at:

Following discussions and work that took place at the end of 2021 and during 2022, it was proposed that the MaCFP Working Group should be expanded to include a subgroup dedicated to the “Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena” related to fire.

The Organizing Committee will prepare an agenda and organize a first subgroup meeting at the MaCFP-3 workshop in Tsukuba (Japan).


Virtual Discussion Forum

The purpose of the Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena subgroup is to facilitate data sharing and model development to improve experimental investigations and computational predictions of radiative heat transfer in fire science.

The specific objectives of the subgroup are to:

  • Build up a radiative heat transfer community where experts from various fields of thermal radiation modeling can exchange their knowledge;
  • Define, generate and share benchmark data, both experimental and synthetic, for the validation of radiative heat transfer solvers used in fire simulation software;
  • Develop tools for easy exchange of benchmark data among various groups;
  • Integrate and collect available data into existing MaCFP data repository;
  • Organize a radiative heat transfer modeling virtual discussion group.

Preparation for the 2023 Workshop

Experimental Measurements Submitted to the 2021 Workshop

The Organizing Committee will prepare an agenda and organize the first subgroup meeting at the upcoming the MaCFP-3 workshop in Tsukuba (Japan). Due to the limited time available at MaCFP-3, detailed reports and video presentations of the benchmark data will be provided in advance.

Topics for the first subgroup meeting include:

  • Introduction of the thermal radiation sub-group objectives and agenda;
  • Brief descriptions of the two currently selected benchmark experiments and the available synthetic validation data generated by Line-By-Line Photon-Monte-Carlo (LBL-PMC) reference simulations;
  • Call for participation.

Additional Information

The 2021 MaCFP Condensed Phase Workshop

MaCFP repository on GitHub:

Information on MaCFP-1: Program and Presentations (; Proceedings (

Information on MaCFP-2: Program and Presentations (; Proceedings (in preparation).

Information on MaCFP-3: Program and Presentations (in preparation).


Additional Information

The MaCFP Radiative Heat Transfer Phenomena Working Group Organizing Committee is:

Please contact us for more information and/or to take a first step to get involved.