Dr. Rita Fahy Appointed Editor of Fire Safety Science News

Rita Fahy @ LundRita Fahy @ LundFrom June 1st, 2014, Dr. Rita Fahy from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has taken over the role as editor for Fire Safety Science News, the official IAFSS newsletter. She will succeed Dr. Guillermo Rein (Imperial College) who has brought our newsletter to a high level both in content and participation of members. I would like to thank Guillermo for his excellent work he did during the years he was editor of the newsletter.
 Rita Fahy @ Lund
Fire Safety Science News aims to be a platform for spreading the work of IAFSS members, and to be the place where fire safety scientists can read what is not readily found elsewhere, thus favoring news and trending research in the field. A digital archive of previous issues can be found online.
I would like to wish Dr. Rita Fahy good luck in her important new role for our organization. She will soon be in contact with all previous contributors and members of the association. If you or your organization is interested in contributing content to the next edition of Fire Safety Science News, please contact Rita directly.
Many Regards,
Prof. Patrick Van Hees
IAFSS Chairman

Fire Safety Science News #36 – February, 2014

The February, 2014 edition of Fire Safety Science News, the official newsletter of the IAFSS is now available online. The latest issue is dedicated to Professor Philip Thomas, one of the founders of IAFSS. Three invited authors write featured articles on the TB117 flammability test of upholstered furniture in California another featured article on the role of creativity and technical knowledge in the design and engineering of fire safety in buildings and many other contributed pieces with fire safety science news from around the world.

Fire Safety Science News #36 – February, 2014 by IAFSS

Click here to directly download a PDF of #36 – Fire Safety Science News