SFPE Publishes Recommended Curriculum Content for an MS/ME Degree in Fire Protection Engineering

The SFPE Higher Education Committee has developed a document that is intended to provide recommendations for the development of a Model Curriculum Content for a Master of Science (MS), Master of Engineering (ME) or equivalent Degree in Fire Protection Engineering.

This document is a guideline that is intended to cover a full Master’s Degree program and not a professional development program. It assumes the student successfully complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of required course work. The document was drafted by a professionally diverse task group that included educators and practitioners from six different countries.

SFPE offers this document as a helpful guideline. The document is written in a broad fashion in an attempt to offer the most versatility. While there are key core topics that should be required, this document is not intended to imply that there is only one specific or narrow approach to the development of such programs. Multiple topics may be covered within an individual course or series of courses.

To view this document visit http://goo.gl/MA8dMe.