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    Brian Meacham

    As I have been informing you via the IAFSS Newsletter, our Association has needed to revise our governance documents and reapply to the UK Charity Commission to operate as a new type of entity, a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). If approved by the UK Charity Commission, we will have to wind up the existing organisation before the new CIO can come into being. As per our current Rules of the Association, a Special Meeting of is needed to wind up the Association. We are required to provide three months notice. While we do not yet have exact timing, we expect approval from the Charity Commission in September, so we are providing notice of a meeting to be held in late November or early December (exact date and details to follow). Also, we believe it important to give you the chance to review the new governance documents. These include some significant changes, including merging the trustees and executive committee into one entity, responsible for managing the CIO, and creating a new Membership Advisory Council (MAC), which will have responsibility for the membership-related activities of the IAFSS (i.e., Committees, Working Groups, Symposia). Members can run for election for either trustee / EC or MAC, depending on interest. This forum thread has been set up to facilitate questions, comments and discussion about the new structure going forward.

    IAFSS Draft Constitution – Ver 1.11 – 12 June 2022 – for Charity Commission
    IAFSS Draft Rules – Ver 1.10 – 12 June 2022 – for Charity Commission
    IAFSS Terms of Reference – V2.0 – 12 June 2022 – for Charity Commission

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