Post-doctoral position at the NASA Glenn Research Center (U.S. Citizens)

Microgravity/Interdisciplinary Science and Technology

Opportunity ID 17666
Opportunity URL
Location Glenn Research Center
Clevelend, OH 44135
Field of Science Interdisciplinary/Other
Advisors Brian J. Motil
[email protected]

Jerry Myers
[email protected]

David Urban
[email protected]

Citizenship Requirement
  • U.S. Citizens Only
Description Opportunity Restricted to U.S. Citizens only

This opportunity pertains to Microgravity environment investigations to develop technologies enabling human space exploration in the areas of combustion science, fluid physics, biological and medical systems research. NASA Glenn Research Center has a world-class and unique suite of ground-based microgravity research facilities that include: a 2.2-second drop tower, a 5-second zero- gravity facility, and access to reduced-gravity aircraft. These facilities are utilized for 1) developing longer- duration space flight experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station, and 2) conducting enabling research for NASA’ s missions to the Moon and Mars. Focused research investigations are in the specific areas of spacecraft fire safety, and advanced life support systems, and space physiology. Research is conducted to develop compact, robust, multi-function biomedical sensors to monitor astronaut health and reduce levels of risk in NASA’s exploration missions. Well- equipped state-of-the-art laboratories are used to develop new diagnostic techniques/instruments especially suited for use in space and microgravity environments. Computational modeling is used to research the effects of space environment on human physiology and to predict astronaut performance capabilities and medical needs. The investigations provide new knowledge that is used to improve processes and equipment (energy, environment, manufacturing, and medical) used for the exploration of space both robotically and by long- duration manned missions.